Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update on Kyle from Aunt Paula

Kyle (Such a mighty young Warrior)

Hello to all you faithful prayer warriors. Kyle has finished # 8 of 12 chemo treatments. He is such a brave fella, and so positive, he knows God has a plan for him as we all do, but you know he is only 11 years old. God has been so good, wonderful, fantastic, giving, guiding, ETC., What a friend WE all have in Jesus. After the 12 treatments Kyle will do radiation for 6 weeks everyday, 5 days a week. Well, Toby's car kind of quit on him, in his carport, what a blessing, not that the car quit but that he had not left with Kyle to go to Eggleston. Joey and I have a gas guzzler we let him borrow for the last trip to Eggleston, and until he got his car fixed they would have a vehicle to travel around town in. Kyle even got to take his CRCt tests, yet another blesssing, at school and he did not even want to take a break during the long tests. He is a fighter. Yesterday I was at work, got a phone call, some certain one or more of you, made something happen for my little brother, that left him speechless. He was so emotional, you know that breaks my heart. He did not know what to say. He picked up his 4 door truck today that Kyle and Toby are so proud and thankful for, and me too. I as Toby was speechless but knew in my heart what a relief for Toby and his children. I have known for a long time now, there are angels amongst us. I don't think you have to reside in Heaven to be an angel. We have them here in little ole LaGrange Ga. I guess you could say this note is an update and a praise. God, family, and friends, MY family has trully been blessed. Storms come and go in all our lives, but HE is always there to help us. AMAZING GOD we have. Thanks to everyone. I am a lot like Toby, what else can I say, OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD HE reigns from Heaven to Earth. I love radio station 93.3,FM, they say some great things and play great musci, only if you hadn't already been listening. Love to All Paula

I took this picture of Kyle, Toby, and Aunt Paula today before they ate at Charlie Joseph's. Kyle looks wonderful and so strong!

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